Heat Pumps

Exhaust Air Heat Pumps (EAHP)

An exhaust air heat pump (EAHP) is a very clever bit of kit.

First it brings fresh air into your home and expels the stale waste air, giving you good ventilation. The clever bit is that it catches that warm air from your kitchen and bathrooms before it leaves the building and uses it to provide all your heating and hot water.

It does that by using ducting hidden in the ceiling that draws that warm air through the heat pump, taking out the energy before expelling it outside. This process allows the heat pump to supply the entire house with hot water and heat. A great addition to your heating system.

The diagram below shows how it works and the benefits. We are very proud to be able to offer this installation and know how big a difference it makes to buildings.

The exhaust air heat pump is basically a small heat pump sitting on a hot water cylinder. They are packaged in a tall slim unit, the size of a fridge-freezer, meaning they are ideal for modern, well insulated flats and homes with underfloor heating (UFH) but little space.  

We have recently finished a project in Essex where we fitted 15 new build flats with individual exhaust air heat pumps. Click the link to see this fantastic project.

The advantages:

  • They are cheaper to run than fossil fuel boilers.
  • They reduce your carbon footprint by creating less CO2 emissions.
  • They prevent condensation in your home.
  • They are an all-in-one system that provides heating, ventilation, and hot water.
  • They keep your house ventilated – increasingly important in well insulated homes – which improves air quality.
  • They are very quiet and require minimal maintenance.
  • They run on electricity and are therefore safer than fossil fuel boilers burning fuel.

An exhaust air heat pump can provide about 5 kilowatts (KW) of energy which means that they are mainly used for new flats and small homes that have good insulation and underfloor heating.

If you are a builder, developer or architect working on new housing scheme and looking for a simple alternative to gas boilers do get in touch and we’d be happy to discuss installation for your green energy project.

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