Air Source, Solar & UFH Kent Converstion

  • 1 x 12KW Nibe air source heat pump
  • 1 x 300l cylinder
  • 1 x 100l heating buffer
  • UFH downstairs and radiators upstairs
  • In-roof Solar PV system with Solar Edge technology

This was a beautiful, wood-clad, new-build house in Biddenden, Kent.

The property is off the gas grid and the customer was keen not to install an oil boiler but to go for a renewables option and thereby reduce his carbon foot print as much as possible.

After discussions with the builder, we installed an underfloor heating (UFH) system and, because the insulation was so good, a single-fan Nibe air source heat pump, providing all the heating and hot water.

We also installed an in-roof solar PV array to provide electricity and reduce ongoing electricity bills - which was a very wise move in light of spiralling energy costs! The in-roof array, where the solar panels sit on the battens and are flush with the tiles is a lot less intrusive than the on-roof array. It is perfect for a new build or where the roof is being replaced because not only does it look more elegant but also saves the cost of the tiles - the panels are in effect large tiles.

The property was shorlisted for an architect's award thanks to the innovative design showcasing the use of a heat pump and renewable energy systems.

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